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Go troll your friends with this level one pokemon and see them rage hard =P
If you would like to see your favourite pokemon In action leave a comment and one will be picked at random or If It Is highly voted

Please note that these take multiple attempts and are gimmick sets in nature. They can be only pulled of against inexperienced people.This is no way Insulting them but just a JOKE to see a very underused or never used pokemon. Alot of the sets you see will not suffice In a real battle situation and are merely to play the role to accomplish the sweep. Baton passing can be very easily beaten by many different methods. Some of these include taunt, torment, roar, whirlwind,any kind of entry hazard such as toxic spikes, spikes, stealth rock. Priority moves such as bullet punch, mach punch, shadow sneak, ice shard, aqua jet and quick attack. Also having a sp def/def wall and a bit of common sense not to let your opponent set up!
Lastly they are for the sole purpose of entertainment and a few laughs and you may pick up a set / strategy you may like.
All opponents are from facebook, and various xat chats and Its best not to name them to avoid any bullying.
Every strategy has flaws and I am not saying they are unbeatable, so please think before commenting.

Things to consider / Tips If you want to try this:

Toxic spikes Is the main thing here and just keep spamming pain split and protect If needed. The good thing about being level 1 Is you don’t need alot of hp to restore your sturdy ability which can be used over and over again. If the opponent Is too low just go for a protect and let the poisen/sandstorm KO them. Also I used rocky helmet which Increased damge to the opponent If they attacked me physically. You could also have a chesto berry and give Nosepass rest Incase there Is a once off miss and they don’t die after your first protect on low Hp.
Multi turn attacks will wreck your sturdy as well as taunt and any entry hazards I would def reccomened a spinner such as foretress. Froslass Is a great rapid spin blocker as toxic spikes/stealth rock are quite vital for this too succeed.


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  1. Leena Maharaj Reply

    You can use a lvl 1 Arron and a Pokémon that can learn the ability sandstorm then first you set up the sandstorm but the Arron has to have the ability sturdy and it has to have the move pain split what it does is pain splits making it so the opponent has 1 hp and since the sand storm is up from the Pokémon that used the sandstorm the opponent takes extra damage from the sand storm and since the opponents Pokémon has 1 hp that means even if it takes 1 damage it’s dead and you can repeat the process by healing the Arron but preferably with a low lvl Arron since it has low hp because sturdy works only if the move the enemy did is a instant ko move

    Edit: Arron can’t learn pain split but can learn endeavour which is like pain split and the only way to get an Arron with endeavour is by breeding it and Arron can learn sandstorm

  2. Jeremy Cheatham Reply

    Nice trolling pimp. Dont take these sweep videos seriously. You never know how many opponents pimp had to go through before pulling off the sweep. Its obvious every team should carry at least one steel type. best typing in the game really.

  3. To deal with this sweep you can:1. Bring a Pokemon with Toxic and Protect2. Bring a Pokemon with multi-hit moves (Tail-slap, double-slap, etc.)

  4. Pokemon Battles Reply

    What happens if he uses stealth rock before you bring out nosepass? 😛

  5. bob grunjen Reply

    Epic except landorus and gliscor will counter sandsorm, spikes and toxic spikes, but more importantly skarmory with sturdy , rocky helmet and fury swipes will counter your nosepass, also a lvl 1 study arron will actually counter it better as your pain split will heal him:)

  6. Is Serperior with contrary even released yet? Cause I smell some hacks.

  7. Michael Crowder Jr Reply

    This is exactly why i only do triple/double battles in x and y

  8. someone did this to me today and I'm like WTF!!! So I looked this up… and it's time to troll

  9. Blizzardshot Reply

    if you can get a pokemon with protect and detect
    it will not get hit till the pp is gone

  10. Quacksalver Reply

    Very interesting! I was trying to think of ways to counter this and the similar Endeavor trick, and I suppose any status or Trick Room would work.

  11. All you have to do to break this is have a Pokemon with Substitute XD still funny, I guess

  12. Tsar Butterfly Reply

    Somone tried this on me on Pokemon Showdown without any entry hazards. (So just the Nosepass.) I hit it with Toxic.

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