Brazil 2014 always promised to be a special FIFA World Cup. Hosted by a nation that has come to represent the very best of football, edition number 20 of the beautiful game’s greatest spectacle was never likely to be just like the others.

And we were not disappointed. Brazil 2014 proved extraordinary in all sorts of ways, with packed stadiums and passionate crowds treated to thrills, upsets and a record number of goals. Relive it all with the 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Film!

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  1. #WorldCupAtHome | Four days, four classic #WorldCup matches coming up 👌

    Fri: Brazil-France (Germany 2006)

    Sat: Brazil-Argentina (Italy 1990)

    Sun: Portugal-Spain (Russia 2018)

    Mon: USA-Germany (Canada 2015)

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  2. Eniola Kayode Reply

    At a point i started wondering if neymar injury was 2014 or 2018, cause it was so poorly covered here, yet its one of the most important events of the entire world cup… this was a poor film

  3. Eniola Kayode Reply

    this film is just a joke… didn't do justice to the world cup at all

  4. Eniola Kayode Reply

    this "official film" does not do justice to the 2014 world cup… too many things are missing

  5. takanoritoriyama Reply

    why didnt they sub in krul again. also is cilessen bad at penalties

  6. Kevin Hoang Reply

    64 year later the WorldCup final has returned to Brazil but this time worst . Conceded 10 goal in the last 2 match. It s just a curse to host on their home country. Always suffer biggest defeat

  7. Louis Anderson Reply

    That world cup was so great. So much passion and excitement amongst everyone. Germany deserved to win while we saw players such as James rodriguez and teams such as Costa Rica play like they have never done before. While coronavirus is around our stadiums won't be filled and people can't gather on the streets but we will all look forward to the day that this will happen again


  9. Akram Yousuf Reply

    The 2018 FIFA World Cup film was so much better. Half of the time this film didn’t even focus on the matches

  10. queenier7391 Reply

    I do not like these documentaries the fifa should try harder and make them more similar to the films of the world cups of 82, 86 or 98

  11. Adrian Lopez Reply

    After the cup ceremony the music was sad and then i cried 😭

  12. The Channel of ALL Reply

    WC 2018 movie was better tbh. honestly, I want more football, less about the country. 2018's film was perfect with the ratios

  13. PAWAN WADHWA Reply

    After 2006 and 2018 this is probably the worst of the lot. No excitement whatsoever in the movie, could have been way way better.

  14. 鈴谷十三 Reply

    This was the best world cup since the 2006 one. Truly enjoyed the cup, was gutted for Argentina though

  15. 청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF Reply

    This is the amazing world cup hosted in Brazil.
    It was the greatest games ever had there.
    People were excited to watch the matches as well.

  16. teddysphotos Reply

    That kid really said his favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. And I'm sure Ronaldo Nazario would understand. 😂

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