8 Bài Tập Cơ Ngực Nhanh To Với Tạ Đơn

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  1. Dân Thể Hình Reply

    Subscribe and Press the Bell icon: https://www.youtube.com/danthehinhtv/?sub_confirmation=1
    Thank you for your help!

  2. SYNIKAL1989 Reply

    I messed my shoulder up doing the flys.
    My right rotator cuff is fucked.

  3. Gurcan Cavas Reply

    Spor salonları Pek Yakın da Açılıyor👏😀 💪😀👍 💟

  4. mukesh singh Reply

    My age is 38 years, hight 170 cm, weight 68 kg. Kindly advise me What should I use the weight of dumbbell for shoulder workout.

  5. C. Gayan Pitigala Reply

    As a beginner how many excercises must do for the chest??

  6. †OROZCO† mc5 Reply

    Muy buen video gracias por esa ayuda,pero me harian el favor de mandarme el nombre de la musica porfa,gracias.

  7. Arijit Mishra Reply

    What weight (per dumbbell) do you guys use for flat bench presses (in kg)..????

  8. إبن.ليبيا المنصوري Reply


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