This is a beginners guide to NoSQL databases. We will talk about what they are, the advantages and disadvantages of NoSQL and relational databases and also the different types of NoSQL including document databases, column stores, key-value stores and graph databases

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MongoDB 12 Project Course:

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  1. Traversy Media Reply

    I hope you guys grasp this. It was one of those videos I was hesitant to put out because I wasn't sure if it was clear.

  2. balaji koc Reply

    This is best tech stuff I watched in the recent times…

  3. Ande Yashwanth Reply

    Mongodb 12 project link in the description is not working.

  4. Michael Song Reply

    Thank you! I knew nothing about database and I'm learning database now. Your video helps a lot

  5. Yashwanth somayajula Reply

    Hey brad can you do a mongoose crash course, the documentation is really verbose

  6. Sander Bouwhuis Reply

    This is the 2nd video I (partially) watched that DOESN'T actually tell you how to actually DO something in NoSQL to read or write data. Do you still use queries? How do you get a specific record?

  7. I was just here to learn NoSQL basics and I got exactly that, it felt like tailor made for me. I don't even what what else you have on your channel but I have subcribed, to learn anything that pops up because you explain it so well.

  8. Great video (as always)
    but 2 years has past…

    Please make a video about NoSQL evolution (include hBASE, Raven, etc.)
    and give some examples in-the-product of:

    Document vs Columnar vs Key-Value vs Cache vs Graph


  9. Kobe Bryant Reply

    Great video. Gonna check out Redis, Mongo and Neo4F ones as well!

  10. Noah Nobody Reply

    I'm glad you done this, Brad. It's still really relevant today. I've used MySQL for years, but I've just started to get into NoSQL (from your couchDB tutorial actually). I really like them for rapid prototyping, because you don't need to faff around too much with designing and updating schema, and that saves a lot of time.

  11. Programming Race Reply

    One of best free content available on Internet on web development. Thanks Brad for sharing your knowledge. Cheers!

  12. Thanks for the concise and informative video. Liked and subscribed!

  13. Henry Seldon Reply

    The Mumps database is NOSQL and should be included. Thanks for the overview.

  14. Scott Grunwald Reply

    Great overview! Gave me a good basic understanding very quickly! Thank you Travis

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