Here is the world cup banner transfer reaction that you guys wanted! Thank you so much for the all kinds of support and I hope you guys like this! Enjoy n share with friends!

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  1. On the 3rd pull i got 2 SSRs and i was quite happy when i saw the rainbow balls.Not until the other SSR was a mexican dude which requires 5 person to activate his skills.But at least i got Soda

  2. I got Soda…but actually i was hoping for the others.Maybe Genzo because my goalie sucks.Idk if im gona be happy or sad about it

  3. Fernando Orlando Reply

    i got 3 SSR in step 3 transfer and already get misaki and tsubasa just feel usual 😏

  4. monirul shifat Reply

    Kai. Today i got the DF natureza. Before him i had the auto intercept natureza. Now i know obviously the DF one is stronger. But what should i do about the passive? The auto intercept is really handy in cases. The DF doesn't have any passive. Please give me your suggestion dude

  5. I basically rebuilt my defense with just the daily R+ tickets with guaranteed SSR. I got High School Jito back, Japanese Youth Ishizaki and Soda, and I got the SSR Kaltz on the guaranteed SSR ticket. On to rebuilding the offense…

  6. Aulia Silkapianis Reply

    I still remember that you mention yourself in third person on reddit. Man that was cringey lol 🤣

  7. Spectator 101 Reply

    I also got High School Ishizaki… I guess I’ll either use him for Mixer Transfer or teach his Tackle to a better Version.

  8. I got a New Izizaki with "New face block" from 1st 30 ball pull, is he any good ?

  9. Shourize Hobby Reply

    too bad no genzo. its very perfect for ur team if u have genzo n isizaki.. But Misaki SB and Nitta Dream is very good blue team

  10. Crimson Beatz Reply

    Yo kai nice ssr you got there hope you get genzo next time and nice suit ma G

  11. utsman zulhakim Reply

    that ishizaki is cool you know, he has high stat in tackle and block with s tackle skill, but you need to feed him S block to make him best. and a great addition to your mono blue team actually.

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