The tense battle between Elon Musk and local health officials over the reopening of Musk’s Tesla factory in California is continuing, but both sides are moving closer to an agreement. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY from Los Angeles.
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Elon Musk Not Backing Down In Standoff Over Reopening Tesla Factory | TODAY


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  1. The Observer Reply

    Happy to take the job if they don't mind me wearing a full sanitized suit LMAO!!

  2. Gary Santos Reply

    You Should Already Be in Lockdown
    “Six feet away” just doesn’t cut it.

    Don’t wait for your state to bar you from leaving the house. If you don’t have work or care responsibilities that absolutely require you to leave the house, put yourself on lockdown.

    When Jennifer Dowd, an Oxford University epidemiologist, and demographer, studied how the coronavirus spread across Italy, she found that one reason the outbreak there has proved so utterly disastrous is because of young people traveling between their jobs in big cities and their older relatives’ homes.

    It’s common for young adults working in Milan to live with their family in nearby villages and commute into the city—which ultimately made them big conduits of the disease to their elderly and more vulnerable relatives. “It helped to bring the initial transmission that might have come into Milan from abroad out to these communities with a high percentage of older people,” she told me.

    The Atlantic
    MARCH 21, 2020

  3. Andrew Howe Reply

    Would love u to be president but u have no balls to stand up to China or other countries u would let them walk all over us and atleat trump as the balls to say it live on tv

  4. Ishan Thengal Reply

    The world media is out criticizing this man and this guy works 100+hours a week , plays Overwatch and KSP and goes on to work like nothing is happening.
    | |

  5. Justine carrington Reply

    That's a trans. They always cause trouble. Go back to your job for christ sake. Libtard

  6. Wow! Reading these comments you’d think this channel was Fox News or Breitbart. But these are the opinions of MSNBC viewers. Democrats need to think about doing a serious reset. You sent a golden goose into your adversary’s arms .

  7. Video game vids Reply

    whose complaining about having a job ? wth. just leave Elon Musk to do his work dam .smh.
    How is this right way to run a business and work for people, if you think they own everyone something because of a virus ?
    just for working ? this is getting out of hand.

  8. Corey Oldknow Reply

    I would fire that complaining guy immediately. Either follow the safety guideline or quit . Why did NBC not interview worker that were happy at the factory . Oh that does not fit the narrative got it

  9. jacob bogers Reply

    "Billionaire's Tesla factory"
    I just love the framing, …, its not like we didnt notice, right?

  10. Shazzy Reptiles Reply

    i mean that’s how you keep the economy running 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. Corey Blumberg Reply

    The worker they interviewed has severely flawed logic. If you don't go to work. You quit. Period.

  12. Elon handcuffed …ya please do that. See what it brings you. You can be sure to loose Space X and Tesla. In addition of making him a martyr for MAGA.

  13. JoJo Or Else Reply

    I'm not supporting ANY business or person that is complying with the lockdown. This governememt/banking divide and conquer B.S. is pure evil. I have transfered ALL my cash into crypto, and I will remember and support people like Mr. Musk, when the dust settles. All those who willfully spread the "Social Distancing" propoganda are the enemy. Zombies every last one. As for the people that don't 'feel safe' going to work. Go screw yourself and stay home. Plenty of other people don't subscribe to your stupidity and will happily take your job. anyways.

  14. If the wealthy and powerful don't obey the law then you no longer have rule of law he has an option it's to go to the courts

  15. elmagnificodep Reply

    Gabriel just wants his $600 + unemployment. He's thinking about the short term game.

  16. California is a mess of high taxes and illegal immigrants. Musk should leave.

  17. Jesus Mendez Reply

    He’s complaining he’s able to work, and when he’s unemployed he’s gonna be crying he doesn’t have a job. Sacrifices must be made.

  18. You definitely have right to quit. In California, we will work at our will. You can quit at any time, and the employer can discharge us at any time. I do not think it is fair to ask for payment if I do not perform the service, unless using my paid leave or sick leave. If you are so worry about your health, I think you should quite. Find something else to help your family. I do not support the reopen; meanwhile, I do not think it is fair for company to pay workers if we do not perform.

  19. We know a lot about science, math, etc… but we need a lot more common sense
    Elon musk is doing this, because he doesn’t want to be wrong with the people because if he is, his sales will go down so thats why he agrees

  20. Darren Quin Reply

    If you need someone to conquer planets or die trying its me kemosabe ill write it in the stars xxxxxxxx

  21. Amazing how these stupid neo Marxist news channels are hellbent on trashing modern day geniuses like Elon Musk. If the left wing ideological disease continues to spread and intensify, one day, you won’t have an Elon Musk in your country! In fact, most competent people like myself, will have departed by then!

  22. Everyone dislike this video seriously, we can’t keep letting the news push this hype on us. This has to stop today. We’ve all let this go on for so long now, look where we are!

  23. 2,178 cases out of a 1.5 million population, Alameda County Corona cases where the Tesla Factory is at are pretty low.

  24. BottledBanana Reply

    Thinking about this a car factory isnt a meat plant so it shouldnt be too unreasonable as long as measures are taken.

  25. Elon is right. If Carlos wants to stay home then go ahead. For good.

  26. Roque Matus Reply

    This tells us multiple things about the US, having power, democracy, and all that.

  27. Christian Barrow Reply

    Of course the media finds the one guy that doesn't go back to work.

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