The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is latest and greatest in the Samsung’s Galaxy Note phablet line. It comes from the factory with many neat features. However, here at XDA, we don’t just want a normal device. We want to customize our device to get even more power, functionality and great features.

In this video XDA Developer TV Producer TK presents three mods that he’s installed on his Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using tools from the XDA Developers Forums. These mods include Fixing the Titanium Backup Issues, Getting the Floating Pen Windows on any App and doing a Region Unlock. Check this video out.

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Region Unlock:

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  1. Ankit kumar Reply

    i installed cyanogenmod 12.1 on my note 3. all my previous apps r removed n i dont know how to move back to my normal 5.0

  2. White Fartt Reply

    Tried to flash a camera mod on note 3, camera stock app stopped working. How do I unflash it and fix camera

  3. Jared from Subway (1201) Reply

    reigon lock works to unlock your tmobile note 3!

  4. Just saying for pen windows and camera apps you can actually activated voice command so even there is no shutter button you can still shoot by say smile or shoot

  5. Mihnea Manduteanu Reply

    Sort of off topic, but what case are you using on your note 3? Thanks

  6. Kristy Lattanzio Reply

    Chainfire's app is awesome. $3 sim unlock? Um, yes please. Love xda 🙂

  7. username09865 Reply

    you keep saying backup instead of restore when talking about TB fix… don't you think of fucking editing?

  8. Jaikiran Parekh Reply

    At the start of the video the apps you are speaking about mis-match the screenshots shown.

  9. Roberto Lagunas Reply

    I saw that you have flash player on your note does it work and how can I get it

  10. Fernando Santos Reply

    Hello do you now how can i restore the auto correct e predictive text in the menu of the inteliggent text, after i update my note3 this function disapear, can you help me? Tanks

  11. shifaz Ahmed Reply

    Does region unlock apps can unlock play store apps??????

  12. SifernosRatLord Reply

    Does Netflix work with this? That's the only app I really wish could do pen window or split screen…

  13. Alvawreckz Reply

    Blurring out the porn pictures in the gallery huh?? 😉 No worries, I'd do the same! Although you say this is the last Note 3 video you will be doing, I hope to see more in the future.

  14. Landon Brock Reply

    The camera will probably respond if you're already in an app that auto rotates

  15. I totally agree with you on that, but since the multi window and pen window are build into the ROM, and Samsung cannot update them separately, they choose to support a small list that they know work for sure. Now developers have the ability to write it into the apps to be compatible to said feature, and most devs do not write in the app itself. Thank you for you're great question

  16. Honestly no 750 is high, but in the US keep in mind that it comes with 32gb to start and that 16gb model flag ships go for about 640 or so. I would expect to be around 660 or so.

  17. Nate Swartz Reply

    Why does samsung not let you add more apps when you get the phone, I mean it is $750, you think they can work a little harder on compatibility?

  18. ThtDAmbWhiteGuy Reply

    TK do you think that the Note 3 is worth the 750 price point?

  19. Xda, you guys are awesome…. The kind of work you guys do is amazing…

  20. I will be covering that a new series that I am starting called Xposed Tuesdays. soon. but yes that mod is great.

  21. The t mobile note 3 has a little surprise when you region unlock it.

  22. Spitzer666 Reply

    Good video..Please make a video on All Apss Multi Window…Thanks

  23. dang it, you are correct, I was attempting to zoom in on the articles to make them legible, and I put them in the wrong order.

  24. Download a kernel which is selinux permissive and tb works fine. Sprint and tmo has one. Using it now.

  25. FinalRespawn Reply

    Verizon has this phone locked down still I'm guessing.

  26. ColdChills01 Reply

    the video isn't working right now??? i'll keep trying

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