Ho Chi Minh City tour, Vietnam Vlog #039

We recently spent the day touring around Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and thoroughly enjoyed our time. This vlog covers everything that we saw and did during our day spent exploring Saigon!

To start off with, we visited an old quarter in District 3 that was previously a slum and was repeatedly bombed during the war. It has since recovered and is now a thriving neighbourhood. Some of the houses in this area sell for up to $100 000!

Next stop was Cheo Leo Cafe, which is considered to be one of the most popular local coffee shops in Saigon. Instead of using coffee filters, this coffee shop still makes use of an old clay pot and basket to make coffee. We highly recommend this place – The address is: 103/36 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, Ward 2,District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Next we headed to the shrine established to commemorate the monk who burned himself alive to fight for his religion, to learn about the unique history behind this event was mindblowing!

After that we caught a taxi to one of the most famous hidden weapons cache’s that was used in the war. Again, it was incredible to learn about some of the underground tactics used in the war.

Overall, it was an extremely enlightening day and we would thoroughly recommend such a tour, especially if you are into your history! Check out the OneTrip YouTube Channel:

Note: This tour was not sponsored:)

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you. If you have no questions, still leave a comment just to say hello:)

We look forward to seeing you in the next video!

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  1. Rhett and Claire Reply

    We just finished up a fantastic trip around Ho Chi Minh City with a company called OneTrip. we got to see some off the hidden gems of the city. We also learnt a ton about the history along the way. What other hidden gems should we explore in Vietnam, we look forward to hearing your comments below:) See you in the next video 😀

  2. suskep ke chan ku ayuh 😉 Karna SBY tidak pernah bagi bagi SEMBAKO kaya JOKOWI di jaman kepemimpinan SBY PENGAWALNYA KETAT kaya Pengawal raja SUNDA EMPERE,,

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  4. Anne Corey Reply

    It very nice clean place friendly and lots of healthy foods thank you for sharing your beautiful video love it there thanks

  5. Yeah….vietnam ,cheap,best,
    Affordable,and lots of nice people…

  6. AnS Episodes Reply

    It's cool to have a house with an underground room haha…great video guys! Thanks for sharing ^^

  7. During the Viet Nam War, there were many communists pry hidden in the Buddhist Temples doing secrete meetings things to terrorize and to kill people in the capital Saigon. This poor monk he probably was the victim of the communist' plan. They manipulated the young people and created a big conflict between Christian and Budhishism religion. After President Ngo Dinh Diem (was a great president) and his brother died, the South VN gradually deteriorated. The United States abandoned South Viet Nam and started to pull US's troops out since 1971 and the South became communist in April 30/1975 until now The North VN did not win the war. The US abandoned us. Many many people died when the North took over. There was a lot of horrible concentration camps and the killing started right after they took over the south. It is a very sad true story. Our family escaped in April 1975 but my Dad has killed in execution-style in District 6 Saigon in 1968. I am happy that the Vietnamese people are doing OK now since President Clinton first opened up and slowly released the sanction and the free-market initiated. Thank you so much, for sharing your videos.

  8. Claire reaction is hilarious.Cu Chi tunnels is more bad ass lol

  9. The communist party of Vietnam is a student of the Chinese Communist Party , not the people of Vietnam .
    Now , It is a very tension on the " Bai tu Chinh " island and along our coastline between the communist China and communist of Vietnam ; They are fighting one to another because of the rich oils and gases well , and their greediness .
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    At the moment , there is the one and only one -big obstacle to the people of Vietnam to save our nation , and free Vietnam from Communist regime and China is The Communist Party of Vietnam , because ,
    1) They are trying to confuse our people and supporting the Chinese communist assimilation – converting our people to Chinese culture , and our country to Chinese city .
    2) Setting up the massive spy network using their communist children- DLV- undercover-police to monitor our people activities and arresting the people who against them as well as playing the psychological warfare to threats and bully our people and who having their diff ideas
    3) Destroying and mismanagement our natural resources like our nature beauty , metal, minerals , oils and gases
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    Thank you to all my brothers and sisters – the people of Vietnam .

  10. James Huynh Reply

    5:14 that was one of the communist terrorist safe houses during the Vietnam war.

  11. The heart did not burn and they tried to burn 2 more hours later at the cremated place still did not burn.

  12. SunsyloFitness Reply

    Cool video I want to visit Vietnam so day I made it to Thailand and Laos twice in 2014 and 2017 😁

  13. Hi Rhett and Claire. I am living in Saigon, love from Vietnam

  14. Hoang Nguyen Reply

    It is Saigon! Do not use the word hcm! Hcm is a traitor to the Vietnamese people!

  15. Very nice trip. Vietnamese people are super friendly in my opinion. Haven't gone back for a while. I missed the times when I was there

  16. SEIYA TraveLife Reply

    Wow amazing intro! I just came back from Ho Chi Ming City and enjoyed it so much. Excited to see your videos:)

  17. Great video dear. Hope you guys find alot of interesting in Sai Gon! Then let’s cross Nothern and the central like Da Nang and Hoi An also. Enjoy time here, all the best from Hanoi🤩

  18. Ross and Bek Reply

    Oh awesome tour guys! We'd heard of one trip through best ever food review show so good to see one in action 👍

  19. Jannis Rauschke Reply

    I really like your style. Simple and Informative.👍
    Even after living here for almost 3 months I still learned something. If you are still around Saigon I can show you a lovely roof top bar. 🙂

  20. Nick and Helmi Reply

    Starting the day with cold Vietnamese coffee 👍 It's really good to join the tour to learn the history and the tour guide really explain it well 🙂

  21. Phuong Cai Reply

    I'm Vietnamese, but I havn't even known of this in the city, what an eye-opening tour

  22. Sutan Nguyen Reply

    Hi your guys very nice Video hope your Enjoyed and have a great times in Vietnam..

  23. frank green Reply

    Have you ever tried a veggies restaurant in Vietnam? I think there are more veggies restaurants in Saigon than anywhere else in Vietnam. There are 3 types of veggies restaurants in Vietnam: the first one is for profit like any other restaurant. The second one is semi profit, and the last one is for charitable restaurants. The semi profit and charitable restaurants are often owned by a Buddhist owners. At the semi profit restaurants, you eat whatever you want, and pay whatever amount that you like. They welcome all types of customers. The charitable restaurants serve the poors and don't ask for money. On your way out, there is a donation box. You can put whatever amount of money in there. No body is looking or checking you. You may think the charitable restaurants probably serve ordinary veggies foods and may not be not good because they are for the poors. You will be surprised to know that the foods at all 3 types of restaurants are out of this world. I am a meat lover, but I changed my mind and my attitude about this world after I ate foods at all 3 types of restaurants in Vietnam. It is amazing to find out the Vietnam is probably the only country in this cruel world has these types of restaurants. Give it a try. I think you will like it. By the way, there is no beers or fancy drinks serve at the semi profit and charitable restaurants.


  24. The Geneve Accord 1954: "the 17th paralle is an interim DM line & shall not be interpreted as a border of 2 nations. After 2 yrs a general election shall be held to determine the gov of a unified VN". 1956, Eisenhower denied the VNmese people that election & brought a Vatican's stooge Ngo Dinh Diem from USA to VN to be the president. Would you call such gov of the South that violently imposed the Catholicism to the huge majority Budhist Southerner as a "Democratic" gov?

  25. Effie Colida Reply

    Found your channel and I subscribed it is really good information about Vietnam I am going in November 2019 for a month

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