In today’s video we take a look at how to improve as a striker and always score goals. You need to master these football skills to become a deadly striker and always score goals. We teach you these 5 football skill, so you can improve fast and impress your friends, coach and everyone else. Scoring goals in football is probably one of the most important things to learn as a striker, and it will help you get noticed by big clubs. Follow this how to video, and your football skills will improve so fast that you will be scoring goals in no time. Improving your football skills is key to being successful, and videos like this one will help you a lot. In 5 minutes we show you how to learn these football skills to improve your game. The guy teaching you the football skills was a former professional striker and he has even scored in the champions league. He knows what he is talking about, so pay close attention, and you will learn these football skills faster than you can say how to. We teach you the 5 best ways to improve your goal scoring and your overall football skills.


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  1. RMD Real Madrid is best Reply

    He kind of looks like John Stones from Man City🤔

  2. It’s not that he scored so many goals because he is good

    It’s because the goalie keeper wasn’t good at all, and he wasn’t even trying to block the shots

  3. Sultan ikbal Ratul Reply

    I am the student who play football like chapion I am the chapion ship .I am the football player

  4. Mini Suresh Reply

    Guys before i used to score a lot of goals but now I just score one goal in a match

  5. Thanks helping me to learn how to score and i have svored over 10 goals this season

  6. Tips from me:

    -NEVER dribble past the keeper. It may humiliate him but the chances are you'll stride too wide.

    -Make sure you're always in attack. Some strikers have to lay back to defend but that takes up extra stamina, it's not your job. Always stay up in an opposition counter attack as you may be able to catch a clearance from your team.

    – Never toe peck/bang. This is an unnacurate way to shoot. You have no control over where the ball will go. Only use this method if you are desperate and you are near the goal.

    – Try and pass. None of us are Lionel Messi so we can't dribble as good as him. You may be able to beat 1 defender, 2 at most, but make sure you pass to open players.

    – If your surrounded, boot the ball upwards. This lowers the risk of an opposition counter attack. If you boot it, your teammates might be able to get it.

    – Watch for space. This is what makes teams like Liverpool so good. If you have the ball never run into an opposition defender and try and skin him out, go for the space because it helps your team advance upwards, thus giving you a higher chance to score. If a teammate has the ball, relieve yourself from your marker and find space.


  7. I have a friend that doesn't pass to me and he pulled me down but hope this video helps🙏🏻

  8. I swear if i asked Cristiano ronaldo “How are you so good at football”

    Him: “ Kick the ball?”

    Me: I couldn’t kick a dead fly.

  9. Whenever I play soccer as soon as I touch the ball the whole team comes running at me

  10. Master flip'z Reply

    What if he or she is a really good goalkeeper and very tall, sometimes I have to try to get it at the TOP left and right corner.

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