This is done only for educational purpose use.. please use licensed version for professional use.

Get licence for lifetime… Download Runasdate .. search in google or you can click on this Link :-

If this link does not work search it in google or try this link:

If you want to upgrade Sap2000 v19.1 to Sap2000 v19.2.1 or download Sap2000 v19.2.1 and want to get licence for lifetime watch this video

Updated video


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  1. Crack Daily Reply

    Thanks a ton.. i got it from here,, and the install went through

  2. Sushovan Dutta Reply

    Does this thing work? I am not able to do it. Also the RunAsDate software interface has changed a bit. I don't know whether that is the issue. Please help.

  3. Guadalupe P. Reply

    I did it, but the program when I run it, told me:
    " License not recognized!
    There are an error #30.
    The program will terminate."
    I dont understand about the date i should set, i think this the problem. because in Runasdate said 27/07/18. and i wrote the date you wrote in your video. 01/12/16.

    Help me!
    Saludos desde México!

  4. Phạm Duy Khánh Reply

    ask you. sap2000 is trying to get a license error update update error # 20 you have no way.

  5. nuno borges Reply

    worked pretty fine!
    Though don't try to open directly a file.
    Have to open always from the shortcut created and then Open file inside software 😉

    It's better then be using windows old date that makes all internet softwares work badly and your files saving with the wrong date!


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