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  1. Gaming with GBM Reply

    Join my discord server : https://discord.gg/ujShnXa
    If you get the Password: Verification failed auth error, try these things and see which one works for you!


    1. Antivirus ..

    you can try disabling certain antivirus features or disable your antivirus.

    2. Disable Firewall.

    3. Check login credentials.

    4. Make sure that you’re not exceeding the number of connections

    5. Reinstall your VPN client


    6. Perform a Clean boot
    (WORKED FOR ME!!!!)

    ) Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog. Enter msconfig and click OK or press Enter.

    ) The System Configuration window will appear. Navigate to the Services tab and check Hide all Microsoft services Now click the 'Disable all' button to disable all these services.

    ) Head over to the Startup tab and click Open Task Manager.

    ) Task Manager will now start and show you the list of startup applications. Right-click the first application on the list and choose Disable from the menu. Repeat this step for all startup applications on the list.

    ) Once you disable all startup applications, go back to the System Configuration Now you just have to click Apply and OK to save changes and restart your PC👇

  2. Deathman_ Games Reply

    I dont have the rigth files in the nord vpn checker folder when i downloaded it

  3. Guest Account Reply

    Holy shit your not capping it actually works! For people that think it doesn't TRY IT IY ACTUALLY FUCKING WORKS

  4. xJordanixn Reply

    While using the checker it gives me about 50 failed ones and there’s only one premium but when I go to login it says that the details are wrong

  5. dargenos solo dargenos Reply

    a stupid question: How do you do to next line in milton?

  6. ali ghodrati Reply

    Do I need to add you to my friend to send the download file? My name is aligh13 in discord

  7. soulmateboy 4ever Reply

    my anti virus blocked some of files while it was processing but now i tried it it again and it freezes and wont continue and wont pass 1655 resultant. and when i try the checker it just closes…. i turned off firewall and added it to allowed programs but and tried running it again but the same thing happens, how would i reset the program or app to start it all over or something..?? please help me!!!>1.!!!>!

  8. ScreengamerLP Reply

    why the programm says "connection to low for check updates ???????"

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