This is it! The video you have been waiting for, all your world legend and ultimate legend dreams will be realized with this fail proof way of making lots of EP in Fifa Online 3!

Game: Fifa Online 3

Video Language: English

Type: Guide

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  1. DP can you show some tips for flipcard after match hahaha that card trolling me so much to get WB xD

  2. Where we can get change name card in Fifa Online 3 (2019). Please make a video about it. Im very appreciate if you can do that. 🙂

  3. Danial Wing Reply

    I prefer to listen asian English rather than original english.. Hahahah

  4. nejied12 shezira Reply

    YOU SHOULD GET 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 SUBSCRIBERS

  5. Muhammad Azimuddin Reply

    How you get the pc benefits? Please help me… i want it too….

  6. Muhammad Shuhaib Reply

    Sharing tips. just keep all the card you have from event every day by the end of the month you roughly got 100card+/-
    open it then keep trading after 2 hour n a half. if you r patient enough wait 3-4 months and by the end of it you just pay 1 time vvip of a week/2 week and keep trading until you got no low stat player left. i did this and my market full of 1b++ player

  7. Already got about 10b in 4 days, thanks for your tips. Share more please hehe

  8. GK=Ec De Gea+2
    LB=Lp Alaba+1
    CB=Wb Pique+1
    CB=Lp Kompany+2
    RB=08 Bosingwa+1
    CDM=Cp Vieira+1
    LCM=14T Pogba+2
    RCM=Cc Gullit+1
    LW=Wb Robben+1
    CF=Cp C.Ronaldo+2
    Im using same formation like u,so which position of my team I need to improve?and what player should i buy to improve my team?my budget is 1.2b.

  9. bro… how your cyber cafe scout at Trade active? while you at home 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  10. Crown Cloud Reply

    You know its FO4 effect when mostly all of the VVIP trades give you profit :^), Anyway thanks for the tips eventhough I've already know this xD

  11. I use this technique exactly same like u 😀 .. can make ez ep .. i'll try to find players that people sell at lowest then buy it for vvip trade as the price will increase in trading

  12. Zharfan Zaim Reply

    Hey DP, i got one important question for you. Like how did you get 'PC' since you're playing at home.

  13. Stanislav Minchev Reply

    Double Pebble do you think that will be de bruyne chiellini hazard wb because i saw uefa team of the year ?

  14. Now everyone’s gonna do this and nobody would end up buying the players we sold

  15. I am a freetoplay player xD
    For freetoplay also have a method I use to earn EP . MY/SG servers
    Buy lotteries or box that contains League Simulation Tickets .
    I buy Green Upgraded Box cuz it only cost EP not Cash .
    Keep spamming green box , get Simulations tickets.
    Go to FO3M , find offline training.
    Find Manager EXP ticket that uses League Simulation Tickets (400k/600k/1.2m)Exp
    one 600k exp = 2~3 Lv up = Free pakcs = earn player .

    U will actually get a lot of old sesion with possible World Best .
    I got WB Messi and WB Tony Kroos from those packs before.
    Good luck

  16. Muhammad Harith Reply

    So u basically have to spend ur actual money to get fake money in a game..well thats helpful..thank you

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