In this video, I’ll show you some of the essential parts of a striker’s game-play to help you guys improve your game if you play as a striker or center-forward.
I must state that in NO way, shape or form am I intending to infringe rights of the copyright holder. Content used is strictly for research/reviewing purposes and to help educate. All under the Fair Use law.

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  1. Jeremy Brennan Reply

    What is the best way to earn the respect and admiration of my friends and other players? I read a lot of superb opinions on the internet about how exactly Episoketren System can help you improve your soccer skills. Has anybody tested out this popular training program?

  2. When the rest of your team only shoots in the attacking third🤦‍♂️

  3. Catherine Gete Reply

    My soccer team and I had a trivia quiz on this video on zoom

  4. Stefan Joseph Reply

    You need to change what you just said the most important thing for a striker is scoring goals not movement .Movement you can teach goal scoring ,overall, prolific goal scoring that is in only a few strikers DNA can`t be taught.

  5. Giorgio Mellos Reply

    Thanks for the video! I'm normally a wide player but my coach is changing me to striker. Very helpful thanks 🙂

  6. Hamdaan Khan Reply

    Players may come and go but Cavani is special. El Matador. Sad he is not getting enough game time but is still managing to score. His movement off the ball and finishing is of the highest level.

  7. Mogomotsi Mosweu Reply

    Yea good staff….whats the name of the song or beat you used
    i like it

  8. Marko Ferrari Reply

    Do a video with attacking movements when you have top players making that kind of passes. Not realistic, so few midfielders and wingers can do that kind of crosses/passing.

  9. Leave a like for the curve run part which I miss a lot as a striker and as a midfield.

  10. in my opinion Lewandowski at this season plays better than messi and ronaldo, and if he wins the league champions with bayern he will be the main candidate for the golden ball

  11. Im watching this because i Have a Football match today and i wanna inpress my Trainer

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