iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 Speed Test 3 Years Later! Hello all and welcome to this speed test comparison between the 2017 Apple iPhone and the 2017 Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In this video we will run the Apple iPhone X and Note 8 through a variety of non technical real world tests to gauge the performance of each device in 2020. The intentions of this video is to help you in your yesteryear used device search make a decision. If you have or had either or both devices please consider share your thoughts with the community 🙂 If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please be sure to go ahead and leave them down below in the comment section of this video. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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  1. Nick Ackerman Reply

    iPhone X or Galaxy Note 8! Which do you think has aged better in their 3rd year? Comment below X or N8! Enjoy the vid!

  2. Mr.kevin not home Reply

    I still use my blue note 8 and Its still a great phone and since i replaced the battery the phones last me up to 9 hours with heavy usage.

  3. “Definitely a little bit of a reload on the Note”

    Note 8 takes more than 5 seconds to load the apps

  4. 1) https://youtu.be/OG3W3QGnQos 2) https://youtu.be/s-Vn0h8Wfo0 3) https://youtu.be/PD7Flxgmgg4

  5. I'm watching this on my note 8 that i got back in 2017. Those are both great phones that aged very well. I don't know why but my note 8 is 10 times faster than this one in the video. Mine doesn't take that long to open any app. something is wrong.

  6. Switched to iPhone 11 pro months ago from my note 8, my note 8 lags a lot too like in the video. Seems like I have made the right choice✌🏻

  7. link nelson Reply

    On my Note 8 that I purchased in 2017, still works great💪🏻 really only issue is the batter could be betterment

    My Note 8 doesn't lag and I've had this thing since Nov2017, only thing that's really suffering is the battery. Wish I could see my phone in the video, I seriously never have issues with my phone. I have both products so do t really prefer one over the other.
    – I also make sure the phone is 100% optimized in prefomance mode. So you are using the phones full capability.

  8. Instagram id— i_davinder_ sidhu Reply

    Even my 6s never lag like note 8😅😂

  9. Kim Jeyong Reply

    Now realize that the Note 8 already received all its updates, not even on current Android 10 while the iPhone X still gets updates for 2 years and maybe more.

  10. ThinkCleverAndSmart Reply

    Not trying to be biased agains the iPhone turned into being biased against the Galaxy. When one side is clearly better on a thing, you can point it out without problem. But the fact that you always say the newer galaxy phones are better makes no sense. Of course they are! Aren't the new iPhones better too? Please keep talking about the phones in the test next time. Newer phones will always be better and we know that.

  11. your Highschool bully Reply

    Android fans in 2017 : android is way better!!f you isheeps for choosing iphone haha!! Better display specs etc what do u say!!?

    * 3 years later *

    Android users in 2020: it izzz what it izzz

  12. Adnan Talla Reply

    but remeber one thing.. used note 8 is HALF the price of used iphone x.. and the more years pass, the less of a difference the performance is 😀 still i think note 8 is a better buy.

  13. MOHD Naimur Rahim Seyam Reply

    If apps were optimised equally , then note 8 would have won most of it

  14. Diego Almeida Reply

    where Samsung sins in system updates, only two, lack of respect!

  15. Lorenzo Rocha Reply

    iPhones just last longer, my SE is almost 4 years old and I’m just now planning on upgrading, but it’s still the fastest and smoothest phone I’ve ever used so there’s not much of a reason to upgrade other than the bad battery on iOS 13

  16. Rocky Gautam Reply

    I could play 1 pubg match on my iphone x until note 8 loads the game 😂😂.. Iphone forever

  17. The Game hub Reply

    iphone software support is better ok
    have you noticed how a s8 or note 8 Ui changed in 3 years and iPhone x looks the same what changes have you recieved in past 3 years 0 where these phone got ui which is better tha ios when it comes to single hand usage so
    keep your real experience to yourself when nothing new is being given to you its just the software no that change not the software what android achieves in 2 years ios takes 5 to that the same

  18. Garrett Reyman Reply

    Hey I own both of these phones! They’re both great in 2020. Also, Samsung just updates the S7 with a security patch, so the Note 8 might be supported until 2021

  19. Erik Aepler Reply

    I can just confirm your experience with my S8. It has served well and still receives security patches, currently march 2020. This choppines got really on my nerves recently so I got an iPhone Xs with 512gb second hand. It may not be a revolutionary upgrade but a decent one after all. Especially when it comes to storage, camera and speed.

  20. I Do Not Care Reply

    iPhones are just lasting more, as an iPhone 6s user I can only complain about the battery :c
    and some slow downs in games like fortnite….

  21. I'm partial to the iPhones since I use them but if I had to use an android, there are better android brands than Samsung.

  22. I switched from s9 plus to iPhone 11 and it's a better experience, that's a fact

  23. Shaikh Affan Reply

    Hii guys I also have note 8 and its more than 2 years old but its very laggy and in real life its not even an compitition for Iphone X….I have also compare both of them by myself with my friends Iphone X…..Iphone is a real deal man…..they are really much better phones thats why I have bought Iphone 11 pro max just 3 weaks ago & man its really a next level of exprience with the Iphone…..The phone feel really smooth and gesture & animation are just awesome……So finally I have shifted to IOS after 7 years of android experience and I have alwasy used android flagship phone in last seven years….especially Samsung flagships….but sorry to that Apple is much far better…….!

  24. I can buy a refurbished Note 8 for $300. I'd get the Note 8 cuz I got patience. Not money.

  25. Why are here so many toxic people…I cant even read the comments without getting mad at those Fanboys no Matter samsung or iPhone Fanboys…stop acting like children

  26. Shannone Anton Thushyanthan Reply

    Doesn’t it look like he’s supporting note 8 a bit too much? Don’t forget tat note 8 came with a price of 1000 dollars!

  27. bensoflyyy Reply

    Dunno bout yours, but my s8+ performs better than nick's note 8

  28. Samsung hear hear. Software updates matter. Continuous for at least how apple does it. You see, people shell out that amount because it obviously lasts for at least 5 years. Except when Apple deliberately slowed down iPhone 7 and lower.

  29. Soutrik Gun Reply

    umm..one question though.we know very well apple a11 destorys SD 835.What does this mean? If you had to compare how they aged, you should have compared the current performance with their individual performancs at the time of purchase I think? correct me if I'm wrong.

  30. Changed my note 8 for s9+ last year and idk why but it seemed like the note 8 really had battery issues and speed issues
    Even the camera difference was huge.

  31. Craftimations Reply

    We can all agree that every iPhone way back the iPhone 6s has aged very decently.

  32. Siddhant Paul Reply

    If new galaxy s20 series are gonna age better so we can safely assume that iphone 11 series are gonna crush that too.

  33. Arslan Valentine Reply

    Look how much the note 8 was lagging especially once you had a few apps open and tried to reload them… It's just not a smooth experience, full of stutters and crashes. That's why they lose value so quick and that's not even considering the fact that the note isn't even on latest software or one ui while the iPhone is uptodate with even the new flagships. There's no comparison, the iPhones are just so much better when it comes to software.

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