Make no mistake: Lionel Messi is a family man. Besides his incredible exploits on the pitch, he’s well known for being a great father and husband off the pitch. Discover how much he loves his family in a stunning love letter 💕


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  2. Vijayasree Kaippalli Reply


  3. Don’t watch soccer but I really love Messi he is my favourite along side Beckham only watch his highlights and recently found out he was good friends with his wife when they were younger amazing how athletes like him and Lebron stay with the same woman who was with them before fame haven’t let it change them they just go to work and earn money and go home to their families that’s one of the things I like about those two very gorgeous couple! Leo’s wife sounds like a ride or die

  4. Tamojit Basu Reply

    Leo Messi is more than a player. A man with loyalty with both his wife and club. 💓

  5. Messi is my heart of Football and he will always be the best player in the world and always in my heart❤❤❤❤

  6. Michael thapa Reply

    Isn't this weird AF
    Messi wrote letter to her and how did this channel found!
    And sharing to us
    media is being Cunt day by day

  7. He is something else. As good as a footballer he is, he is even better as a person. :')

  8. Caption Logan Reply

    What the hell happened to Blackburn rovers please make video please oh my goal and make video about why fifa banned india playing football in 1950

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