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Version: 1.14.4
Shader used: SEUS PTGI E8

Mods: -Replay mod
-Optifine + Shaders
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Welcome to my channel. I love to challenge myself by making large creations in Minecraft and make timelapses from it. Consider subscribing if you like my videos and hit the bell icon to be in the first squad 🙂

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  1. TheBuildingDuck Reply

    Sorry for the late upload! My internet was bullying me 🙁
    >>> EDIT: No, this is not the last episode. People just wanted a tour of the city. I will continue with the city and upload the next timelapse next week 😀

  2. Calypso Jablecki Reply

    Oh! Is beautiful ! I'm french so i'm prefer to talk in french.
    Je trouve ça super ! Et sa a du prendre tellement beaucoup de temps donc bravo ! Je précise que je vais te copier :/ salut !

  3. Playmostories Reply

    How many days did it take you to build this city????

  4. sean thompsonシ Reply

    me an my friends have been building a city for the past 4 years and it’s nothing realistic, just a bunch of buildings and colorful towers extended from a village, but it’s a symbol of our friendship because it’s one of our first big memories together :,)

  5. Юрий Погарский Reply


  6. althea erich Reply

    cool city but its all empty why dont have
    people and just add villagers to have people in your
    city i have town but dont have many people and i have villagers too
    my town is like city but not big enough

  7. Anne Siscar Reply

    Sana all
    Sana may eroplano rin sa taas na lumilipad diba para maganda

  8. Jen Ollado Reply

    What time does it takes you to finish this


  9. Its me Kathrey Reply

    One thing that boderes me is that its dark and its kinda annoying to be honest

  10. Three Chances Reply

    the music makes me want to cry, reminds me of me and my old friend next door having sleepovers every weekend not worrying about the next day because we stay next door to eachother and doing everything together and being excited to go home after school and play minecraft for hours. We no longer talk and when i see her i keep my head down. I miss her.

  11. Switch Mii Reply

    What’s that mod called that makes ur sky and water look realistic.

  12. Yaxzama Yamamoto Reply

    That looks really nice. I built a city when I was 9 or 10 and it looked terrible lol atleast I have improved

  13. And resource pack glass
    But good job for building this good I really enjoy it

  14. ꧁Fluffie Bunnie꧂ Reply

    Am I the only one who was thingking abt Gumball in the thumbnail-???

  15. Aísa Kreft Savi Reply

    muito bom mano, que isso, esculachou minha cidade

  16. So this took up the guys whole summer lol and made this before quarantine I wonder how much time this took tho Fr

  17. Its like an abandoned city and you’re the only one living there

  18. ليان الأشقر Reply

    واوا شو هاد لما دخلت الفيديو قلت شكلو متل الحياة البيوت والعمارت والمدرسة الملعب المطار مش عارف اعدلكم يعني اكم وقت اخد معا اكتر من اشهر

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