Norton Security is an all-in-one computer protection and internet security software from Symantec. I’ve been using Norton products for over 2 decades and would highly recommend it based on my own experience. It is packed with many useful and practical computer and internet security features. In this video, I cover some of the key features of Norton Security like PC Security, Internet Security, PC Performance, and several other features.

You get Norton Security on 3 main subscriptions: Standard (for one device), Deluxe (for 5 devices), and Premium (for 10 devices). You can also install NS on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Norton Security automatically updates virus definitions and regularly scans your computer for a range of threats like viruses, malware, spyware, etc. It provides real-time protection when you’re browsing the internet and downloading files or email attachments. It has a smart firewall which monitors network activities between your computer and other computers and blocks unauthorized traffic.

It helps keep your computer running smoothly by defragmenting your hard-drive and cleaning clutter caused by temporary files stored on your computer. It also includes parental control that helps monitor and manage online activities of children up to 17 years of age. With the Deluxe subscription, you can get 25 GB of online storage space for backups. These are just some of the many protection and security features included in your Norton Security subscription.

Based on AV-TEST an independent organization that evaluates and rates antivirus and security software, NS did very well on Protection, Performance and Usability. It was rates among the top product based on their independent test results. If you don’t yet have Norton Security, you can check the links below to buy from Amazon. I’ve also created a couple of tutorials on how to renew your Norton subscription as well as how to install Norton on an Android phone.

– Buy Norton Security STANDARD (1 Device):
– Buy Norton Security DELUXE (5 Devices):
– Buy Norton Security PREMIUM (10 Devices):

– Norton Security Review & Tutorials:

AV-TEST GmbH is an independent supplier of services in the fields of IT Security and Antivirus Research, focusing on the detection and analysis of the latest malicious software and its use in comprehensive comparative testing of security products. Below please find links to the detailed AV-TEST results that I provided a summary for in my Norton Security Review.

AV-TEST Product Tests (Home Users):
AV-TEST Product Report:

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AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: If you use the links above to purchase any of the Norton products. I may earn a commission as an Amazon affiliate. This recommendation and review is based on my firsthand experience using these products myself.


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  1. RUSSEL KAVINDA'S channel Reply

    I need ur help
    where should I go to get Norton

  2. S.W. Foster Reply

    We have used Norton for years until recently. Norton works great when its working. You can often look at processes and notice Norton stopped running for no apparent reason. Norton will sometimes kick out your subscription forcing you to reactivate it. Norton also has problems connecting with its server which puts it in the red. Last but not least Norton loves to advertise regularly which can be an aggravation. Other than that, it does a fair job

  3. You have convinced me and I have purchased the DELUXE (5 Devices) version.

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    You are a hard worker! I saw all the videos you created. It's impressive!!! How long do you need to produce a video?

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