Norton Security subscription is the new Norton Internet Security, how does it stack up against a full onslaught of malware. Check out the results at:


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  1. The PC Security Channel Reply

    Find a full explanation of the test method and results at:
    and consider buying from the Hall of Fame to help support TPSC. 🙂

  2. Book Squire Reply

    I had a bad experience with Norton back in 2006. A virus was able to penetrate my computer which had a keylogger in it and stole important datas and Norton didn't detect it! Since then I never used this program again. Fuck Norton

  3. Susie's Susieisms Reply

    Dear Norton Lifelock CEO,

    Will you see these reviews? Are you aware what is going on at your company?

    Norton has lost my business also, after 9 loyal years. The reason is because of the 3rd Party Tech Support. They demand Norton product when you already have one, and they demand enormous fees for computer/internet security. (Wait, what!)

    With difficulty and wasted time in chats and on phone only to learn there is nothing Norton will do about it, makes me feel swindled.

    Mr. CEO, do you get a kickback? You could donate it to me, in appreciation of mine.
    Litecoin- LT5JLLA5B2miAexauZPJmvuAs7qdz8Eb6E

    Dear Potential User,

    It is possible that after using Norton's tech support you will pay hundreds more. Be aware of tech outsourcing, because Norton seems to be showing that it has no liablity when using their 3rd Parties. I am unsure if you can verify the 3rd Party before a call is transfer by Norton, to them.

    In Conclusion,

    I am doing free trials on other antivirus companies, one already allows my computer to run faster.
    I will not use Norton because I do not trust their 3rd Parties.

  4. Douglas Harrislane Reply

    Thank you The most number one thing I learn that there is mare ware out there.

  5. DEEJMASTER 333 Reply

    Honestly Norton ends up being more annoying than helpful usually but when it saves me from a virus I’m grateful.

  6. Imperium Commenting Network Reply

    I would've expected Norton to be terrible, considering how it used to majorly slow PC's down back in the day

  7. moo wilbur Reply

    So what is the metering that Norton is shifting connection everytime? are they charging their customers with these meters?

  8. Eli GamingRoblox Reply

    Norton Security beat the hell out of a virus once my brother tried doing a prank on me where he installs a virus on a super good gaming pc and he didn't know Norton was on it and as soon as I got back I saw Norton deleted the virus I was amazed at how powerful Norton was I for sure recommend using it as a pc protector

  9. XSirApocalypseX Reply

    I used Norton for many years but since the last year I don't use it anymore. Usually I buy Norton in a Shop and Install it via code in the package. But now Norton decided to take data from his customers, even if they buy Norton in the shops. They force you to give your credit card number and other informations or you cannot use Norton. In the FAQs it is written, that it is mandatory, but you can delete your data afterwards. Ha, good joke, collecting personal data from your customers and saving them on servers and say, that you can delete it afterwards (which only makes that only yourself cannot see it anymore on the mask). I gave it back to the sop and took an other InternetSecurity where you do not need to give personal data or credit card numbers. Hey Norton, if you want to have my data like credit card number or telephone number, so pay me and not the other way around! I payed already for the antivirus in the shop, so I expect no more shit! You want Data, so pay me! Nothing is for free, Norton! FUCK Norton!

  10. Note: Pls. ask why I can type anything here. AND WE NEED TO STOP THE MONSTERS WHO ARE INVOLVED IN THE BLOG WHO ARE VICTIMIZING PEOPLE THROUGH ALL SORTS OF TECH AND APS around the world with their tv satellite surveillance. Please burn them and the people they love and their friends to death if they cannot be arrested or kidnapped. Please bury them alive and torture them the way they tortured their victims. some of them are part of the police (I have no idea which) and some are part of the military and the security related to military industry around the world.

    ISSUE: NORTON WOULD NOT WORK ON MY APPLE COMPUTER. KATRICK, A VERY NICE IT FROM INDIA TRIED TO HELP ME.) Here is what I placed in Fitzgerald's blog: Now, I will do my Norton protection on my Apple. I will write my experience here:

    10:56 PM 3/12/2000

    they are giving me a hard time, not giving me the login website

    please start hitting them and hit NORTON oto too.

    Norton would not accept the login name and password that I created. (hit the people who are using "care" again and who used "care" as a qualifier in the defense department. Please burn them to death as soon as possible. )

    (Another topic: Make sure that the stock market losing creates a powerful incentive for Americans not to go global. Prices will be lower. We do not want "GLOBAL BUSINESS" with global headquarters and services bec. our country suffers with global corporations. Our security, the services and the prices suffers in the long run bec. foreign companies can charge us higher once they have us cornered and monopolized the services. ALSO DO NOT LET FOREIGNER BUY OUR LAND–many countries do not allow foreigners to buy any national property….we have to work on that later.) Back to Norton:

    I will call Norton: I CANNOT FIND THEIR PHONE NUMBER. PLEASE BURN THEM TO DEATH start burning " lola " to death.

    Kathrick (Patrick which I thought his name was) is installing Norton through remote. It was almost successful, but it would not install when I entered my Apple password. Please fix right away now. If it does not work, please hit and hit and hit the TEAM.

    pLEASE HIT WHOEVER IS NOT HELPING ME. MY APPLE PASSWORD WILL NOT WORK. AND i HAVE A HARD TIME IT IS ALREADY 12:24 am please burn the team to death. once and for all. i will call again,. (they said we win from the tv). I will call NOrton again If i do not get this protection on my apple, please burn all the friends and people that that team loves to death or make sure that they all have tragic accidents happening to them. use them. 12:25 am what thye are doing to me is unforgivable.



    Aileen Aranzamendez-LKarg that's a typo which I erased and then retyped agian. I will put this ina in as many you tube as possible tonight, perhaps. This can be accessed through

  11. Glad to see this. Been using Norton for a long time. Happy.

  12. i love myself Reply

    something is always popping up on the side of my computer screen while i'm watching youtube videos saying STOP USING VIAGRA

  13. Mr. Carroll Ware Reply

    Seems like Norton and McAfee slows down any computer to snail speed.

  14. Bram Van Goethem Reply

    You can adjust settings in Norton soit becomes more agressive or you can run Norton Power Eraser. There also is a difference between quickscan and full system scan.

  15. Nikø Stark Reply

    Hi, so I was wandering if it’s worth installing this on a pc that has standard protection that comes with windows 10? Also do you need to delete/turn off the original one that comes with win 10 if you are downloading this Norton security?

  16. I got the best antivirus from Secured.Kim . I was amazed to see their offer. Their security system is very satisfactory and still the best antivirus of all the time.

  17. Charles Chapman Reply

    I cancelled Norton the other day due to the price and uninstalled it thinking I would just use Windows defender. I've been using Norton for almost 20 years, and was always happy with it. After seeing your video on Windows defender I decided I would pay the $105.00 dollars they wanted to renew. Wouldn't you know it, there in my email was Norton saying I could renew for half price at $49.99, needless to say I became even more angry at them and started to look for alternative anti virus protection. After searching for a few more days I opened my email to find Norton asking me to renew for the unbelievable price of $29.99, including download of the latest version, I accepted . Thanks for your videos, very informative.

  18. Trevor Guthrie Reply

    No the user interface is not good it looks like it never got out of the windows 95 era

  19. I got Norton and idk how and it is giving me alot of Viruses like on Spotify it is an Norton ad and sometimes when im changing music a new page pops up on google with random sh*t on it.

  20. Otokichi786 Reply

    Norton keeps Ye Olde Lenovo ThinkPad SL-410 running Windows 7 Pro from turning into a Petri dish. There was one piece of Malware (Israeli origin) that slowed down the system and wasn't eliminated by Norton AV. A Google! search took me to a website with a very active Malware killer that did the job…then slowed the computer down every time I booted up. I uninstalled that and went back to Norton…for now.

  21. Numan Ahmed Reply

    tophealthplaces . com /norton-antivirus/ (please remove the space for watch new version of antivirus)

  22. pinhead3030 Reply

    what ever files didn't get removed for removal of malware files use bleachbit 3.0 FOR EXPERIENCED USER

  23. follow the below link with full description

  24. Dallas Acuff Reply

    Fuck all of these so called Antiviurus systems ! If you don't renew the assholes plague your computer with popups.

  25. Cavey Möth Reply

    Was this video brought to us by World of Warships? I LIKE BOATS!

  26. Dallas Acuff Reply

    Most of these programs ESPECIALLY Norton are virus's themselves… Norton for example… once your subscription expires they infect your computer with a ton of pop ups. NEVER FALL FOR NORTONS SCAM !

  27. Numan Ahmed Reply

    Find a full explanation of the test method and results at:

  28. Numan Ahmed Reply

    Find a full explanation of the test method and results at:

  29. Claude de Alger Obelia Reply

    so should i stick with norton or find another antivirus?

  30. Logan Braveheart Reply

    I love that music what's the name of it this very overpowered

  31. Dennis Pietrandrea Reply

    Just curious, what are the specs for the test machine?

  32. Hiya, can you try norton power eraser and rate it? I’ve always wondered. Good videos!

  33. Enrique Jr. Valiente Reply

    Nice video hey i have norton. It works great so far and it has blocked alot of attacks for me. I saw ur other video of bitdefender vs karspersky where kaspersky won. Which one do you think that is better between norton and kaspersky? In general

  34. On my computer I installed this Antivirus Norton sec time installing it.

    I had a problem with it my wifi drives went missing because of that first time I didn’t know it was because of that didn’t know but wasn’t sure when I got it again and haven’t used my computer for ages it missed my wifi drives.

    I want to install it but my net not working How do i install it to use it with my direct cable to install wifi drives ?

    Thanks 🙏🏻

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