Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Official Android 7.0 Nougat update is here. There are many new features to be found. In this video we will cover many of the new features with the intentions on helping you to decide if you want to do this update and also to learn what you will be getting if you decide to go get this update! Share your feedback, questions, thoughts, concerns, and anything else in the comment section of this video and enjoy 🙂

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  1. Nou Sovannphearin Reply

    when I update note 5 with 7.0 Nougat my screen not working use S Pen only. Model SM_N920C . How to fix it?

  2. Александар Филиповић Reply

    Bro…Samsung can only speed up software and preinstalled stock apps not others…

  3. Nazir Ahmed Reply


  4. Sahidul Islam Rana Reply

    #Nick Ackerman Bro, Using Samsung Note 5. After purchase this mobile (Second Hand), I am facing several problem. Finally i wants to update the software but from About Phone option, if i press Software Update, nothing open. How may i solve this issue?

  5. Maruf Hossain Reply

    After upgrade 7 can't find mobile date on togoole bar..what should I do?

  6. Alton Kilbourne Reply

    Come on dude you updated the phone so it's going to be slow going the apps by the way you talk i can tell your an apple fanboy

  7. Hi i have gone to the settings about device and software update and it doesn't respond .

  8. My note 5's battery life has been trash since Nougat, and I won't be able to upgrade for a long time.

  9. it was a good phone until the nougat update… wow! so many problems w nougat. dropped calls, slow, glitchy… I cleared cache and fresh install but still way too many problems… AT&T dropped the ball on nougat

  10. Yusuf Almajnahi Reply

    I have an issue !! Everytime I press on software update on my phone it wouldn't open for some reason

  11. How do I get this? I'm on 6.0.1 but when I check for updates it says i'm on the latest.

  12. Libby Medina Reply

    Cant make videos on my phone don't work . The sound is low wen ii turn my volume up

  13. Christopher Blake Reply

    there are several tweaks to save battery life.

    1. go into connections—-wifi—-advanced. where it says, scan for wifi even during sleep, make sure its on NEVER.
    2. You have to uninstall all the bloatware from your phone. Or at least disable them and then force stop them.
    3. I have found that putting the brightness on AUTO is much better on battery life than manual. just keep the bar on the lower side and it will adjust automatically. This does help battery life over the course of the day.
    4. Turn all radios off ( bluetooth, wifi, data) when you do not need it, keep it off.
    5. I keep all my location and GPS turned off when not in use. You have to go into your security settings and check to make sure location is OFF.
    Also check your google settings and then go to location. Make sure that is OFF.
    5. There is a ton of tweaks and you have to explore your phone in and out to understand what works best. If you are running 7.0 Nougat. You can go into the battery optimization——scroll down where it says " Always sleeping apps" you can choose which apps will stay asleep and not receive notifications. This is VERY useful, just click the + sign and add apps tha do not need to be running constantly in the background. (EX: gaming apps, launcher apps, internet apps, uber, ) things like that. I keep my email running an messenger since i use them alot, but most of the apps do not need to run unless you click on them.

    OK this is a start, there are more ways but you have to do you own research…..hope this helps….Cheers!!!


  14. The Tech Librarian Reply

    You can down scroll your resolution all the way to………iPhone

  15. Kevin Bhasi Reply

    You should have restarted the phone before doing the speed tests…

  16. Abiola Balogun Reply

    Hey nick,I'm using a note 4 at the moment and want to upgrade to note 5 based on the price,can you do a total review based on nougat in 2017,thanks please reply

  17. ꧁FIDUCI ICUDIF꧂ Reply

    i want to know. is there someone (note 5 user) now have problem about purple dots on screen?

  18. Make Build Modify Reply

    Hey, I'm having a heck of a time finding the new storage location. I need to dismount a USB device and can't find the new dismount location. I used to be under Settings>Storage>USB.

  19. Christopher Blake Reply

    I'm still rocking my note 5, it's an amazing experience. Love it. Awesome for gaming and media. It's a perfect match up with 7.0

  20. How's the battery doing? Can someone please mention their Note's total screen on time, I am looking forward to buying this.

  21. you want a fast Note 5?

    rollback to jelly bean 4.2

    most of you dont use anything that requires updating your droid.

  22. Antiguan Woman Reply

    I have this phone and I love it ..its the best phone ever ..Coming from a Iphone 7 plus .this phone out does iphone all together

  23. Realtor James Reply

    I have a note 5 at&t and this update is absolutely terrible. Does anybody else have a problem with massive battery drain even with all the settings turned down? Battery saving mode turns off things I need like my email been checked. Performance mode seems to use less battery then battery saving mode? Help! This update destroyed my phone.. I previously had awesome battery life now it's junk!!!

  24. Anthony Szabo Reply

    I'm getting a note 5 within the next 2 weeks or so. I can't wait! I've heard nothing but good things about this phone. Should I update it to nougat when I get it? Thanks

  25. Zeinab Hassan Reply

    I'm going to get that phone soon and I will update it if it hasn't been

  26. Zeinab Hassan Reply

    I was looking for a video that actually showed this update and i couldn't find one other than you thx

  27. Quân Nguyễn Vũ Bảo Reply

    thank you sir. o will pick up soon, can you tell average use time?

  28. unpossible11 Reply

    is there anyway I can download this manually because I'm not getting the update on my note 5 at&t

  29. NFG_Josh Gaming Reply

    Ive already rooted the T-Mobile variant Note 5 running 7.0 Nougat

  30. Rodriguez Hudson Reply

    when we will get the secure folder for the Note 5 I'm going to be on the next update

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