Atlanta-via-Secaucus artist Russ signed a major label deal with Columbia Records in early 2016, but he spent years dropping dozens of songs online. Since his 2015 song “KiKi,” he’s tried to drop one song each week, all of which he wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered himself. The 24-year-old rising rapper linked up with Rob Markman at KidSuper Studios, an apparel store and studio in Brooklyn for the latest episode of IRL.

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  1. Why are all rappers borderline retarded? Listening to them talk blows my mind.

  2. does anyone know if he studied music producing and engeniering in college or something? Or is it just raw dedication?

  3. optimus slime Reply

    I dont understand why so many people hate russ. This dude is the definition of hard work pays off.. alot of yall think you just gonna blow up off one corny single.. this mf dropped 11 projects be4 he saw success but he stayed working and never stopped

  4. The Buzz Inc Reply

    He’s not independent he’s signed to Columbia Records. You can literally just go to their website and he’s listed as one of THEIR artists. Look at the bottom of each song on Spotify and you will see Columbia Records listed at the very bottom. Nle Choppa, Chance, Dolph, Sauce Walka, and Young MA are independent

  5. Russ was born in 1992. Meaning he was 7 in 1999. 50 cent didn’t come out until 2002-2003. So how was he listening to 50 at age 7? 🤔. Anyways HUGE FAN

  6. Thank You RUSS for the Inspiration, because of you I am releasing a new music VIDEO & SONG (Produced, Mixed, Mastered by me)
    every Monday of every week for 6 months STRAIGHT!!

  7. Robbinson Galvez Reply

    Yo I got that mom Hoodie Kid Super did. my favorite hoodie ever. honestly I should've bought 2 because I hesitate to wear it cuz I like it so much.

  8. Vibe out if you want…

  9. Mario Walker 84 Reply

    Russ would had to been older than 7 since 50 dropped in 03 and he was born in 92.

  10. Kaveli Yemoja Reply

    Has anyone noticed he has a lighter color brown eyes than the other

  11. carloscreativity Reply

    the concept between there's really a wolf is legendary, mind blowing. that boy kid is crazy creative. 🔥🔥😱😱

  12. Russ is one of the most inspiring artists out there! 👌🏻🔥

  13. LeanneGC101 Reply

    6:25 OMG dolls from the Cherry Hill video are real? That's effort! // Props to the graphic design team/person! The editing of this video is so cool!

  14. Using Russ’s mentality I intend to blow up in my own way. Already on my way 8k subs on my channel, he is such an inspiration bruh. My wolf is there, I know he is.

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