Shape of You by Ed Sheeran vs. Down With The Sickness by Disturbed.
Acapella came censored. Couldn’t find the explicit version.
Big thanks to DylanGLC for pro pitching the instrumental and the acapella’s final chorus.
Download here:



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  1. Robert E. O. Speedwagon Reply

    When you and the grunge boys doin heroin in your smoke box but then the uptight posh girl drives past listening to Shakira.

  2. Crymson Nite Reply

    I feel like "shape of you" might mix with "this is growing up" by blink 182, I got a weird mix up in my head while listening to this.

  3. When the basic popular girl and the school shooter break down at the same time

  4. I still think the dude on the right looks like a pissed off squidward

  5. Kenshin Sekai Reply

    I have no idea why but this is type of my song, Hawaiian over metal. Like Guano Apes "Open Your Eyes." Feel like dancing but using movement training.

  6. Alex Lashbrook Reply


    when you expected to be in love with the shape but madness came over you and now you are … truly … down with the sickness.

  7. Lourd Nolasco Reply

    sir if i may ask, how this video not copyright infrigement? hopeful for your reply

  8. Jackie89000 Reply

    When your taste in music is so broad that YouTube just gives up recommending you songs and just gives you this.

  9. Sonicplatfofmers 3 Reply

    This is what happens when a bard assists in the barbarian's intimidation thr best he could.

  10. Nuclear Raptor Reply

    You know, i thought this satire until i looked it up. you have cursed this land.

  11. Chase Lawsirski Reply

    This song makes me feel like I’m about to go kill zombies on a private island

  12. Blade Zakabi Reply

    I saw the title of the video and I thought there’s no way, I was proven wrong in about 12 seconds lol

  13. I feel this way everyday, it's a feeling to nobody wants to understand, and stay away from. Let it wake, my pain that I've been holding for far too long. Let it

  14. M0rtemD3spair Reply

    When the Undead Skeleton Warrior dates a Fairy.

    Even though I am baffled about this mix, I can't help but listen to it repeatedly over and over.

  15. This gave me such a visceral reaction within the first 5 seconds and its absolutely disgusting…. I love it, thank you.

  16. iwasAking 666 Reply

    If your girl love edsheeran and you love disturbed.. Just mash it up..

  17. I had this on full blast and everytime i tried to turn it down it just got louder 😂 😂

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