Abbie was messing with me during therapy. She had no interest in doing her color activities. She killed it this morning on the life skills and independent work.

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  1. Claire Hernandez Reply

    I love how vocal Abbie has gotten lately I feel she has really gotten more vocal during this quarantine. She sounds like she is making more word like sounds now

  2. Emily Larsen Reply

    I really don’t like mushrooms either I’m just like Aibbie

  3. Michelle Weimer Reply

    Question who is Rebecca new follower love and respect you all!

  4. cool perspective with Abbie Cam, love it!!…woo lol she did awesome with that colour activity xo and gettin her drink n stuff…loved the pool jump on cam xoxo i see Nala is helping with the laundry LOL… aww that sigh….HAHA are you intentionally avoiding it? smirk LOL haha and again..'its crazy when ya look at it' *grin and scrunch*…those beautiful smiles with the whistle….ooo yes it did sound like she was sayin something Asa xoxo ..wooo needed a lil AC/DC with those headbangs in the cart… excited xox haha the mushies xox.. those expressions she comes out with…gold…so love you guys xoxo thank you…i appreciate you all…big hugs n love..take care n keep safe xoxo

  5. Abby is amazing. I love her "cheeky" personality. She was so cute. Picking the wrong color and smile/smerking, lighting up like a Christmas tree on her "flute" and then running away like, "nailed it".

  6. Gail Mautone Reply

    Oh my gosh she is so stinking cute with those looks that she gives, typical teen ,so cute!

  7. Makaela Harkness Reply

    Yay Abby Cam!!! I have not even finished the video I just am so excited that Abby cam is back🇨🇦❤️❤️🇨🇦

  8. jaytotheell Reply

    that vehicle is an actual "golf cart" ? and it's street legal??

  9. Prystine Jones Reply

    Awesome concept Abbie-cam. Should be included in more vlogs 👍👍👍

  10. Tracy Thorsen Reply

    Asa it's ok to admit she said "go ride". My daughter has apraxia and the first few times she said a word we were afraid to admit that was actually a word. We would be disappointed when we tried to get her to say it again and she couldn't. I know Kendall will never talk like the rest of us but she now says a lot of things we understand. I think its starting to happen for Abbie. It's a little step in the long road but it's still a step.

  11. jaytotheell Reply

    abbie cam was super cool! and your choice of music for it was smooth cool offbeat and jazzy!

  12. Box2able F'OFF Reply

    Abbie cam is so cool! Definitely do that some more once quarantine is over.

  13. Jenna Marie Reply

    I can't get the Peter Pan peanut butter song out of my head now.

    🎶 Picky people pick Peter Pan peanut butter it's the peanut butter picky people pick 🎶 😄

  14. Lisa Bulthuis Reply

    Teacher tip- Show Abbey the peg and wait for her to look at it, then bring her iPad up for her to use her device to tell you the color. Presenting both the peg and the iPad provides too much visual stimulation at once. She's doing great in her sessions!

  15. Elizabeth Hernandez Reply

    BROTHER AND SISTER IN THE CART.. I schedule and time permits, can We have a "Brothering Autism" vlog before He leaves.. 💙🤟🧩

  16. Deborah Zimmerman Reply

    I get so excited for Abbie when she really connects but it tickles me to no end when you can tell she's trying to pull one over on you all. Don't ever let her lose that sense of humor. Great job Abbie!!!

  17. Roxana Mcglinchey Reply

    Abbie looks so cute with the 2 pigtails .. She's a sassy young girl.. Loved the Abbie cam too..

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