hey guys xD
so there you can download the file that i used in the video but you must have winrar ( if you don’t have it … that won’t work for you )

… when you will try to extract it you must enter that password www.p30download.com
if you got anyproblem make a comment and i will try my hard to solve it
see you in the next video
bye bye
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  1. Palash Garg Reply

    sir it is installed but i am unable to use the 3d ware house….please help me

  2. sir i did patch but again i saw the same sentence ( 30 days remaining ) plz help me

  3. fadil alfaz Reply

    terima kasih kak atas bantuannya sekian lama saya mencari link sketcup…. hanya link ini yang work terima kasih kak atas bantuannya. sukses terus sampai ke depan.

  4. Angela Thakur Reply

    sir as soon as i put the password to extract the files they show error what should i do is there any other link for the key gen

  5. Cinzia Russo Reply

    Hii, I followed everything you have done, but I can't find The patch, how can I fix this situation? Thanks

  6. Mukul Satsangi Reply

    When I tried to patch it is automatically stops after the 3 second please reply the answer?

  7. ღSenpia_ Sanღ Reply

    Its works !! Thanks😊✌🏻
    Plz can you make blender 32 bit 🥺

  8. vic steven ranido Reply

    i cant download the files it says repair download then i tried still not working

  9. Shariah Brittany Reply

    Followed everything but still in trial version. Please help

  10. Chezcka Sienes Reply

    Hi sir, i already installed it but the License was expired? please help me😔

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