She’s without question Cristiano Ronaldo’s most famous ex. If at one point she had the key to the Portuguese man’s heart, Irina Shayk ended up having hers broken

In October 2017, after a 4 year relationship, Cristiano left the Russian model and the explanation perfectly sums up his mentality…


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  1. Christy Horton Reply

    The Bible says a man shall leave his mother and CLEAVE TO HIS WIFE. It's a great thing to love, respect, and honor your parents, BUT your wife comes first after you get married. They weren't married though, but if he chose his mother over a woman he probably wanted to marry, that's messed up. Grow up, and stop being a momma's boy.

  2. Mother should be always our first priority
    Andbody disrespects her then they are unforgivable

  3. I wouldn't really break up with that kind of a girlfriend. And she didn't just do that for nothing. Maybe his mother told her something

  4. Adelino Vilaça Reply

    Irina Shayk + Ronaldo (2010-2015)
    Irina Shayk + B.Cooper (2015-2019)

    Hmm, maybe they both have gold …

  5. বাঙালির খেলা ফুটবল Reply

    What a player!What a person!He dumped his beautiful girlfriend because of She insulted Mother.

  6. Driss Idlhaj Reply

    This man said she’s his most famous ex HE DATED KIM KARDASHIAN

  7. Chitra Parthasarathy Reply

    Irina will get still better for her beauty and standards

  8. So many mommy’s boys here! All mommy’s boys should marry their mothers! Amen!

  9. Giant Squid Reply

    He is absolutely right. If a woman will disrespect your mother your turn will surely come

  10. Nevertheless, Irina was perfectly matched to Ronaldo! Both are tall and made a dream couple.

  11. Where is the biological.mother? Why isnt she a part of the kids life? Chris looks , dresses like gay

  12. Nitin Singh Reply

    The narrator is my neighbor.
    He writes these stories on friday night while being drunk with his mates.

  13. Live To Laugh Reply

    Yessssss, that's y cr7 is the best …….. Don't u ever disrespect a guys mom…… Mommmys are our first and last love

  14. Bhupinder Kumar Reply

    He is not just a great soccer player. He is an awesome son as well.

  15. Moshibul Hossain Reply

    You can get a girl for yourself
    Even if you didn't find your mom can find one
    But your girlfriend can't find a mother for you because that exists only one

  16. Bartosz Traczykowski Reply


  17. Elite football TV Reply

    I love this guy ❤️ my mentor.
    Guy do you want to know between Tammy Abraham vs Victor osimhen who is the best? If you will like to check it out this is the link:

  18. Melita M. Bilić Reply

    What a mother's son! So mom can talk shit against girls and interfere with their relationship.!? Well done for the girl and she doesn't need that kind of hoof and weak boy ups! man

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