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Watch the Top 5 best FREE Screen Recording Software and learn what are the best screen recorders you can download. Each of these screen recording software’s are absolutely free and most of them contain no watermarks or time limit restrictions. However some these have it’s own pros and cons but for the most part these are the best recording software you can get for PC. Keep in mind, Open Broadcast Software and Nvidia Shadow Play is the best for recording gameplay while the rest are used as a desktop recorder. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave a like and feedback and suggestion anymore top 5’s you may have.

Here is the list of the best screen recording software ↓

1) Ice Cream Screen Recorder:

2) iSpring Free Cam:

3) Open Broadcast Software:

4) Nvidia Shadow Play:

5) SmartPixel Screen Recorder:

In my videos I normally use Fraps for my gameplay which you can download completely free here:

For OBS settings watch this tutorial:

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  1. owenbeatsprod. Reply

    Hey does any of these recorders record your internal audio while screen recording?

  2. Captian Sweden Reply

    Which of these programs has the best graphics ?? What do you think?

  3. sasaygy sasaygy Reply

    Thanks! i used nvidia becuase i use nvidia GeForce 610M

    2019-2020 Posted on 2016

  4. Wiley Plays Reply

    why isnt there one that u can just click record and it works ;-;

  5. if i get viruses because of the link 2 its your fault and im gonna report you!

  6. its good bro how can download with out water mark.. for endless duration…

  7. Rea Kurenai Reply

    After 2h of recording i noticed that icecream recorder have a fking watermark i want to kill myself

  8. Huntershot Reply

    anyone have a recommendation out of all of theses i can't decide

  9. A Random Person Reply

    Who is here trying to start a YT channel in quarantine?

  10. Dutch Van Der Linde Reply

    video published in 2016.
    And the title says 2019-2020.

  11. Stealthy Renektron Reply

    bro thank you so much you really helped me!!i subed!

  12. Simple Minded Reply

    why did he say 2019-2020 when it was made in 2016???

  13. When he says there all free when you look one up 29.99 🤦‍♀️

  14. Interactive Medicine Reply

    just click on alt+windows+r on your windows 10


    thank you i need a screen recorder as im moving to pc cotent on my gaming channel

  16. hello,i dont wanna be talking but theres some background music.Is there a setting??like there is in the xbox gamebar

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