In today’s Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Horror Webtoon – Bong Chong Dong Ghost and this scared the hell out of us lol
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  1. Kokichi Ouma Reply

    Ok, so, I've seen this many times and I was never afraid to watch it, even now

    Do I have no heart or something?

  2. Spittin' Bolt Reply

    If she asked me where the baby is my respond to her is gonna be

    "I didn't even give birth to your baby so don't ask me."

    and walk away

  3. Hazel Roberts Reply

    I was standing when I watched this and the first scare made me stumble back and then the second one made me fall in the floor

  4. The Most Homo Of The Homos Reply

    Ah, yes, let's watch this before I go to bed.
    totally a good idea

  5. nezuko chan 999 tyger's claw Reply

    When i think of the word bong i think of weed for some reason also if i saw her i would just get either a automatic crossbow or get dante from dmc or get the charmed ones

  6. Gerald Brown Reply

    Hahahaha…I'm surprised that jump scared y'all because I didn't even flinch or jumped when she turned her head and walking backwards so creepy 😂

  7. you guys should have went on the website and read it instead of watching the video

  8. Tokyo ghoul's kenike chan Reply

    well whatever i enjoy that you showing and i like your scaring

  9. I've seen this a long time since I saw this, I still got scared.

  10. 八瀬くん Reply

    I discovered this comic when I was younger randomly. I'm still traumatized.

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