We’re turning our basement into a studio! We’re running though the plans, the mood board, and we get started on the actual renovation until something popped up that forced us to put the project on hold.


FPV Drone:
Sony a7sII:
Sony 24-70mm f/2.8:
Sony 16-35mm f/4:
Metabones Canon EOS adapter:
Canon 5Dmk3:
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II:
Canon 50mm f/1.2 L:
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L I:
Canon 70-200mm f/4 L:
DJI Osmo:
Rode Video Micro mic:
GoPro Hero5 Black:
GoPro Hero 5 session:
DJI Phantom 4 drone:
Zhiyun Crane v 2:
Promaster CityScape backpack:


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  1. Matthew Kaminski Reply

    You guys have me feeling inspired, you ever do a video of installing laminate floor? I want to improve my kitchen a lil bit

  2. Lovely. Keep up the good work. I’m following your videos B&C 😎✌️

  3. Life After Neverland Reply

    I have a serious phobia of mice and I would be packing up and moving out and never returning lol nice b roll shot of the desk top. when you rubbed on the finish I could actually smell it 😂

  4. David Florey Reply

    Yeah, mice are the worst!! Had them in my roof recently – was very worried about all that fibre I installed, so I bated them and got rid of them!

  5. My sister had a huge mice problem in her new house here in austria. We just deal with it ourselfs, no pest control or whatever. If u know where they are it‘s easy to control.

  6. Siam Rehman Reply

    Mkbhd is looking for someone to decor his new studio …
    Dm him

  7. Mark McGregor Reply

    So when are you buying a cat or small dog… Sort out your mice

  8. Gordon Johnston Reply

    You will probably find that the ceiling height will be a little restrictive. Ref : pest control a cat is the purrfect solution LOL

  9. David M. Wilson Reply


    You live in the bush, mice will always be there, you’ll have to find a better way, I suggest you learn more and realise there part of you ecosystem. You had to have had mice in Newfoundland?? Be great full it’s not Sydney Funnel Web Spiders. Mice run away, the spiders hiss and stand there ground.

    Be safe, good luck, might want to watch Mouse Hunt the movie. Lol



  10. They are amazing. I made a becki and chris style preset. I hope you guys will like that preset.Checkout now on my channel.

  11. Matthew Chen Reply

    Hey Becky amazing skills, how did you learn to do all this stuff?

  12. Lollllll “cool cool cool cool cool cool” not cool – also no one miss the end of this video – i'm dying 😂

  13. ANAK Creates Reply

    Watching this is so satisfying, wow! haha Also, the mouse ending, so funny, i lovd seeing that. On the phone you seem so cool with it, then we see the true nature of how it makes you feel.. hahaha cant wait to see as this keeps going! 🙂

  14. Theresa McCollom Reply

    Hey lady!!

    Love the channel and everything you guys do!!
    thought I would let you know the cute black mask you use is not the best one to protect yourself from the particles coming from sanding dry wall ( crystalline respirable silica). You want to look for a “dust mask” that has a N95 or P100 rating. Those that are rated by NIOSH will have at a minimum two straps and packaging will have N95 or P100 labeling (and often two head straps).If you are painting, putting varnish on, spaying poly, etc. then different protection would be needed. Links below on examples of what to look for.



    N95 and nuisance organic vapor


  15. Florian Gnigler Reply

    Hell yeah! Podcast area means more TuxedoTime-Podcasts? I inhaled all 3 episodes on my trip yesterday and need! more! NOW! (love the swearing Becki ^^)

  16. Capturin Pixals Reply

    Aaah hopefully it be done sooner, that’s what u get in nature

  17. Gabriel O'Brien Reply

    Tip from an audio pro. If you do a short drop ceiling and fill above it with Roxul Safe N Sound it'll make a huge difference in your audio. You can also use this to insulate all your walls and build your own sound panels. Not only will it hugely improve your sound, it's also fire resistant and helps keep the space livable.

  18. If you hate mice, you should learn to love cats. If mice got in once, more will come in after the first colony is dead.

  19. I recommend getting couple of cats in the basement. That should keep mice away.

  20. Deadly wood desktop! I think I'm gonna swap my IKEA one for something like this

  21. GabbiiGoose Reply

    We sprayed our exposed basement ceiling matte black in one place and it looked awesome!

  22. AstroEd's Astrophotography Channel Reply

    What about a Taylor Swift backdrop for Chris?

  23. Dayana Saucedo Reply

    Your Channel is soooo educated <3 and #Fun love you Becki, you Rock, stay Amazing!!

  24. Charles L. Scofield Jr. Reply

    The best bait I have ever tried on mouse traps is peanut butter. Every trap I have ever set and baited with PB resulted in a dead mouse. If you freak out with removing the dead mice get some vinyl gloves at Sally's or any beauty supply house they sell them by the box for like maybe $6 to $8 for like 100 pairs. Mousetraps are pretty cheap so just us a 1 gallon Ziplock bag and put mouse and trap in the bag to dispose of. Not sure if mice can tell that a trap has been used previously, they might sense the scent of death on it. I have found if you have items close to the walls that tend to channel the mouse travel that is where you want to place the traps.

  25. NIKONGUY1960 Reply

    What's with the southern twang? Channeling your inner moonshiner?

  26. Haaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttteeeeeeeeee mice with such a passion!!!!

  27. Valu Home Centers Reply

    Thanks for shopping Valu, Becki! See you again soon and good luck with the rest of the renovation 🛠

  28. GraphicMill-Dave Reply

    Find out where the mice are getting in. That is key! (Other than the obvious garage doors etc.) Do a full walk around of your foundation looking for any openings and seal them up. Keeping them ‘out’ is super important because when it gets cold out, they come in. And where is your cat? Hahaha

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